Jul 19, 2011

san diego comic-con signing schedule

Freakshow issue 3 and the Freakshow trade collection will be available at the con.

Here's my schedule so far for this week...

signing Freakshow at the Ape Entertainment booth

booth # 1804

Thursday July 21
4-5 pm

Friday July 22
4-5 pm

Saturday July 23
5-6 pm

Sunday July 24
4-5 pm

When Zombies Attack!! issue 4, which i also did the art for, will be available at the Red Maverick booth, # 5535

Jun 2, 2011

superdinosaur color

Superdinosaur, from Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's book of the same name...

May 27, 2011

ghost rider ink

didn't really spend much time on the wheels, since they're gonna be on fire anyway...