Jul 25, 2007

new project

this is a panel from a new book i'm working on with a couple of writers...we'll be showing it at comic con this weekend...more to come later...

Jul 23, 2007


fablewood is a fantasy anthology in which a short story from monoluminant is featured...these are a few postcards i designed using the cover art by j.p. ahonen and a bit of art by ryan ottley and manny trembley...the book is edited by william ward and will be released in winter 2008 by ape...

Jul 18, 2007

the engineer

the engineer is a new book coming out this november from archaia studios press and will also be featured in the popgun anthology from image...created by brian churilla and jeremy shepherd.

Jul 7, 2007


here is a colored panel from the short story to appear in fablewood...

Jul 2, 2007