Jan 27, 2007

pvsc cycleworks 2

i think it's only ok to use papyrus when you need to do a genus/species sort of lettering...

Jan 26, 2007

pvsc cycleworks

this is from a series of fake ads for a fake motorcycle manufacturer...

Jan 24, 2007

Jan 22, 2007

Jan 21, 2007

process 2

...and here's the beginning stage of Alenck's sketch for the same piece...

Jan 20, 2007


here's the initial sketch of Marken for an upcoming advertisement...

Jan 19, 2007

the day job

here's a tshirt design i did for endovanera, the clothing line i work for...

Jan 17, 2007

album layout

this is a work in progress for the inner sleeve of an album layout i'm working on...

Jan 16, 2007

favorite frames

here are a few of my favorite panels from the first few pages of monoluminant...

Jan 15, 2007

dragon watching

here's an early panel from some preview pages i did...the sky will probably get an overhaul before it actually makes it into the book...

Jan 14, 2007


I sometimes get commissioned to produce posters for bands and tours...here are a few from 2006...

Jan 13, 2007

again, tshirts

here are some more tshirt designs...the kids love skulls and pirates...

Jan 12, 2007


...here's the bass player for trollsmasher, marken's band in monoluminant...did i forget to mention marken had a band called trollsmasher? They were like the first british band, like, ever.

Jan 11, 2007


I think at some point every artist has started on a series of gods on motorbikes and then neglected to finish transcribing the sanskrit for the background..

Jan 10, 2007


I tried to keep the type of skull this character wears indigenous to the british isles, but all the best deer species were brought in during the 19th century...clearly long after monoluminant takes place. This little creep's headgear is a mix of sika, hartebeest, and fallow deer. Can't wait to get to the pages he's in...

Jan 9, 2007

background growth

...and now with a few weeds it's closer to being what will be in the finished page.

Jan 8, 2007

Jan 7, 2007

band shirts and whatnot

...on the subject of sidetracking, here are some tshirt designs i was commissioned to do recently...

Jan 6, 2007

slow bug

I am starting to realize how long this book is going to take when i spend more than an hour on a bug that is only going to be about an inch high on the page...

Jan 4, 2007

a walk on the moors

Here's an early study panel used to show the publisher the type of color palette and dirty foreground techniques intended for monoluminant...

Jan 3, 2007


Here's Marken, the main character in Monoluminant. A little bit Richard Ashcroft, a little bit David Bowie, and maybe even a little of the gump from legend...if he grew up a bit and started the first elvish rock band...

Oh also, the script for Monoluminant is all ready to go save maybe a few dialogue fixes...so actual pages are starting to get done as we speak.

Jan 2, 2007


I did some pinups for the creators of "The Amazing Joy Buzzards" featuring characters from their new projects...

Aqua Leung is written by Mark Andrew Smith. This one was similar to my usual comic style...

...while this one was done in a screen print poster style that i use for band posters (more on those later)
Gyakushu is created by Dan Hipp